About AYEI Uganda


African Youth Employment Initiatives Uganda proposes to support the youth to drive the food supply chain and be able to meet the market demands throughout the country. These goals will be achieved through our nationwide coverage in the represented countries of dynamic and driven teams across Africa.

AYEI Uganda has identified agriculture as a sector in our economies that is capable of providing employment for large number of jobless youths in the country. As an organization the focus is working with the youth to take up agricultural initiatives such as livestock farming, crop farming and all other activities that make up the entire agriculture value chain; where there is substantial potential for income and wealth creation for future generations.  As a team of young people; we shall mobilize fellow youth across all sectors of the society through social media, workshops, conferences, traditional media platforms and youth networks to raise awareness that will sensitize and advocate for action by providing programs, collaborations and partnerships that will alter the mind-set potential farmers. These farmers will be identified then equipped with skills and knowledge through training, funding as well capacity building initiatives with the intention to transform them into commercial farmers.

AYEI Uganda has positioned itself as a networking entity among its member farmer’s internally per country and throughout the continent.  These are not only networks for farmers, but also ties between agro-entrepreneurs scientific researchers, experienced experts in the field of Information technology, marketing and export experts, industries, investors and partners of all caliber and provenance worldwide.

AYEI Uganda will advocate for young farmers to have access to land, registration of their local organizations etc. This will be done in partnership with government organizations, nonprofit organizations, educational and training institutions and all other relevant stakeholders dealing with agriculture.

AYEI Uganda thrives:

  • To promote agriculture among the youth as a source of employment and income.
  • To mobilize, organize and empower the young agro-entrepreneurs.
  • To facilitate and advocate for youth involvement in agriculture in Uganda.
  • To demystify the image of agriculture among our young generation by making the sector attractive, lucrative and rewarding

Key areas of activities and intervention

  1. Agribusiness Entrepreneurship
  2. Capacity Building and skills development for farmers.
  3. Market Linkages for Farmers using GIS systems.

We target

All youths, women and out-grower farmers in the whole Uganda.

Our Projects

  1. Luwero Livestock project.
  2. Maize production project.
  3. Brickets and renewable energy project.
  4. Gayaza model farm project.
  5. Apiculture (Bee) farming in Northern Uganda
  6. Forestry / tree farming
Contact Information

Plot 2482 ring road, Nazareth zone, Kyanja TC.

P.O.Box 2650, Kampala

Telephone: +256 758828033

+256 752807236

Email: ayeiuganda@ayei.info,


Personal: mkisitu1@gmail.com,


Country Coordinator
Vice Country Coordinator