African Youth Employment Initiatives-AYEI Rwanda is a youth-led organization primarily designed to accompany the young agri-entrepreneurs to create and share opportunity in agriculture, demystify the notion of farming long seen as a poor man’s job. Our projects and programs are designed to enroll, train and empower young people embarking on farming activities at all levels.

AYEI RWANDA’s main mission is to empower Rwandan youth through sustainable agriculture as means of job creation, alleviate hunger and poverty among the youth. By means of innovative farming technologies, we thrive to add value to farmers’ activities through skills training, capacity building for young people embarking on farming activities, specialized coaching and technical assistance and institutional support needed to them. We are convinced supporting rural farmers constitutes one of the greatest help to our nation’s agenda to provide affordable and quality food to each citizen.

To achieve our objective,

AYEI Rwanda responds to this novel mission by:

  • Creating awareness among the youth for the need to embark and explore lucrative opportunities in agriculture as a veritable venture to create employment for themselves and others and responsibly join in the fight against hunger.
  • Advocating and facilitating project implementation and activities through a varied support system and networking across the country.
  • Forming a united body for risks and profit sharing, capacity building, effective collaboration which shall include exchange of knowledge and skills with valued partners.
  • Installing of an agro-ecological farm which will serve as a peasant school to demonstrate innovative techniques and technologies capable of sharpening skills and capacities to our trainees, mostly from rural Rwanda.
  • Promoting our farmers products and services and offer them opportunities that will eventually create brands, markets and marketing medium relevant to their attaining high in their agribusiness activities where we remain catalysis to a real change in the realm of agriculture by and for the youth
Contact information of Ayei Rwanda

KN 35, Kigali, Rwanda

Tel: +250788359712

E-mail: ayeirwanda@ayei.info

Country Coordinator
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