African Youth Employment Initiatives (AYEI) was established as a solid and united youth-led organization to support young agri-entrepreneurs to create employment through agricultural activities to eradicate hunger and participate in the economic development of countries. It is legally registered and incorporated in the Republic of Ghana by Registrar General Department and duly registered by Social Welfare Department and National Youth Authority, to promote agriculture among the youth so as to create employment and income for the unemployed youth in rural areas. It establishes farmers’ training hubs in forms of demonstration farms in the areas of horticulture, aquaculture, apiculture and special farming where young farmers are trained to start technology backed-up job creating farming ventures.

AYEI has also registered its offices in Uganda, Angola, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Burundi and Rwanda with representations in other African countries. In its noble mission to mobilize, organize, empower and raise young agro-entrepreneurs, AYEI has strong partnership with relevant institutions (Crops Research Institutions, universities…), social enterprises. In collaborations with its allies, AYEI has piloted an aquaponics-based food system with focus on fish farming in Ashanti region in Ghana, a project funded AU-IBAR to advance women-led business livestock, fishery and aquaculture.


AYEI’s mission is to bring together, organize and engage youth’s skills, talents and ideas in employment creation activities/ventures for sustainable development by supporting agricultural (farming) initiatives.

AYEI raises awareness among the youth for the need to embark on agricultural initiatives and explore lucrative opportunities in agriculture as a rewarding venture to create employment for themselves  and responsibly join in the fight against hunger. AYEI’s mandate is to be the advocate and the facilitator in the implementation of the youth’s agricultural projects and activities through a multifaceted support system and networking across the continent.

AYEI’s unites differently skilled, experienced and talented professionals and young entrepreneurs of all backgrounds to form a united body to support young farmers. AYEI demystifies the bad and ill notions of agriculture among the (educated) youth and exposes them to lucrative and rewarding ventures within the agricultural sector.


AYEI’s vision is to emerge as a leading nonprofit making organization creating a solid network of young agric-entrepreneurs to create employment and generate revenue for our unemployed youth in Africa. Aiming at reducing poverty, hunger and improve livelihood. AYEI envisions a continual network of young professionals and entrepreneurs joining efforts to mobilize organize and engage youth skills, talents and ideas to support agricultural enterprises so as to eradicate hunger and participate in the economic development of our nation and of our continent

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