Animal farming has been regarded as one of the income generating activities for young farmers in Ghana under AYL-FAIN. AYEI has long envisioned integrated farming activities where special training can be given to those who may have the  interest to start animal farming. To continuously empower the youth to constantly generate income, special and improved breeds of animals are railed on our demonstration farms where selected youth are educated on how to start animal farming: This consists of lessons on caretaking, feed and feeding, first aid veterinary services and meat processing.  The organization has railed improved breeds of different types of animals including pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits and birds. The project assists them to acquire needed knowledge on how to maintain an animal farm (of their choice) and undergo training on caretaking before they are introduced to the advanced level of animal product processing, preservation, and commercialization.  The use of our mobile applications makes it easy for subscribed farmers who continuously learn and interact with others as they carry on with their activities.