Crop farming is one of the major areas of our projects where trainees are initiated to techniques and good practices in modern agriculture. The emphasis has been on organic vegetables’ production and other crops of all types cultivated in the areas where we are operating. Our trainees are introduced to modern techniques and technologies associated with certain crops production: These are improved seeds or seedlings of a variety of vegetables and other crops that we develop on our demonstration farms and distribute to trainees for multiplication with aim to enhance production and add value. On the urban horticulture, home gardening and other forms of floriculture has been some of key areas in our projects. AYEI has also been launching training sessions in forms of capacity building and skills training for young farmers dealing with certain crops and plants where notions of irrigation, post-harvest technology, storage, processing and conservation are taught to farmers in rural areas. AYEI is yet to explore other areas of horticulture such as floriculture