Empowering Youth and Women in Livestock, Fisheries and Aquaculture Agribusiness Incubation in Nobewam community ( Juaben Municipal Assembly, Ashanti Region , Ghana

The African Youth Employment Initiatives-AYEI submitted its project proposal “Empowering Kayayee Girls in Aquaponics-based Food System in Juabe Municipal Assembly, Ashanti Region-Ghana” to African Union InterAfrican Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR) early 2019.  After the ground check visit from the AU-IBAR, AYEI was among the 18 selected from 295 applicants made of starts-ups and accelerators to launch projects whose aim was to promote private sector driven business incubation in animal resources as a means of creating youth employment and wealth; Empower African youth and women by providing them with hands-on and transferable skills for sustainable jobs and wealth creation.

Prior to the commencement of the project, AYEI Officials together with other awardees were invited to attend the orientation meeting and training on AU-IBAR Procurement and Financial Requirement & Agribusiness Management Training for AU-IBAR Grant Awardees in Nairobi, Kenya in September 2019


In line with the project’s execution, through its procurement procedure, AU-IBAR proceeded to a careful scrutiny of suppliers of goods and services that for the AYEI project. This consisted of companies, enterprises, businesses and start-ups into Information Communication Technology, Innovative agribusiness ventures, solar energy and irrigation systems and other businesses supplying relevant goods and services

Pics: Items, services and goods delivered by AU-IBAR contracted suppliers 

They are : a 40ft container serving as a storage and support of the solar system, a tricycle, a mechanized borehole powered by solar energy, chest deep freezer for preservation and conservation, a 4-layer fish smoking plant  and well-designed web and mobile applications meant for e-training of selected beneficiaries

After the site clearing, the Project started with borehole drilling and fish ponds constructions whereby many youth were engaged in the design and constructions of the ponds, an activity that has helped many youth acquire temporal income through the constructions that took places on the site. The solar system was designed to power the water pump feeding water into mounted ponds and also powers different machines and installations making the whole system of aquaponics fish ponds functional.

Pics: Constructions of fish ponds and installations of supporting machines

The same solar system enables the setting up of vegetable production where occasionally emptied water from the ponds constitutes a rich source of nutrients planted vegetables need. The projects installed two fish ponds soaked with 1000 fingerlings each. One of the project main partner and supplier conducted initial training sessions for the caretakers to help in the maintenance and fish feeding while the main training of selected beneficiaries is still underway. This is expected to train about 120 beneficiaries from the Nobewam Township of the Juaben Municipal Assembly (Ashanti region) and its environs

Pics: Pre-training sessions for the caretaker by Dr Amponsah Shadrak (Expert)

The system goes along with vegetable production and this projects is also establishing a vast vegetables cultivation around the ponds to make the system complete. The rationale behind this system is to make possible fish and vegetable production in a system where each component needs the other.

 Pics: Putting up a vegetable garden at the project site 

In the upcoming project’s activities, there will be series of training sessions for selected beneficiaries on the constructions of ponds, installations its complementary components, on vegetable production, on fish smoking and preservation before they are introduced to digital tools (ICT) carefully designed to help them follow different sessions on a mobile application constructed by our IT partners. This will be an e-training where we shall continue provide technical assistance online to enable them easily follow step by step our training sessions in the comfort of their homes at their own time. This tool is embedded with features that will allow them share experiences, interact with our experts and use it to market their products via the designed digital portals.