AYEI empowering youth in aquaculture agribusiness in Juaben Municipality

The African Youth Employment Initiatives (AYEI), a youth-centered non-governmental organization (NGO) focused on building and enabling interests, skills and capacities of the youth as well as women in aquaculture agribusiness in the Juaben Municipality of Ashanti, is working to empower youth in the area into acquiring wealth in fisheries and aquaculture. Mr. Fulgence Niyonkuru, the […]

Digital Transformation in Agriculture in Ghana: From Rhetoric to Reality

Digital technologies in agriculture have huge potential in changing the current information deficit in Ghana’s agricultural sector. Relevant data to assess our prevailing food stock and warehousing capacities; smallholder and commercial market-oriented production levels; and addressable market access gaps, is needed now more than anytime in our history. Digital technologies in agriculture in Ghana could […]