AFRICAN YOUTH EMPLOYMENT INITIATIVES –BURUNDI is a Non-Profitable organization settled and established in Burundi targeting the youth of Burundi. The Main objective and mission of AYEI-Burundi is to promote agriculture among the youth as a source of employment and revenue; mobilize, organize and empower young agri- entrepreneurs.


Eradicate hunger and increase food production in Burundi with an increasing population, create network links among agri-entrepreneurs and also platforms for sound technology, skills, experience transfer and exchange within Africa continent, is our goal.


AYEI-Burundi has the great vision of turning young peoples, who thinks that farming in only for the poor men or old people, by orienting them into farming activities with conducive heads of farming thus being financial, technical skills and technology. AYEI-Burundi intends to create links among these small initiatives of the youth to ease access to funds, lands, and markets …technology transfer, profit and risk sharing.

AYEI-Burundi has already won credibility to financial partners and has one farming project which accord has already been signed and ready to start. This project and others to come are on the benefit of the youth. We are busy imagining something that could be of a remedy to numerous issues the youth is facing today. Unemployment was one of this dilemma the youth is confronted with and due to lack of other opportunities, we thought of agriculture to be one of the best solution if all young people  in Burundi are mobilized, organized and empowered to start agric initiatives all aimed at creating wealth and jobs to others.

The present approach AYEI-Burundi is implementing would increase food production and at the same time reduce hunger in communities. Besides that, youth involvement in agriculture would increase economy within Burundi as some of the crop production would be exported to other countries hence lifting the economy of the country.

Contact information of AYEI Burundi

AYEI Burundi

Commune Muha

Avenue de la Mission No.3

Rohero-Bujumbura Mairie


Tel: +257 79585976

+257 79148383

Email : burundi@ayei.info

Country Coordinator

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