Aquaculture is one of the less developed sectors in Ghana despite the rise in fish products’ consummation in Ghana and Africa.The project is establishing a training and learning hub on advanced fish farming technologies and on fish products development using aquaponics system with intent to incubate businesses that will procure jobs and revenue to many youth and create business opportunities for all those in the value chain. For more information about Aquaponics-based food system. See FAQs

The project focuses on aquaculture to identifyselecttrain and empower beneficiaries mainly women seen as more financially vulnerable to initiate technology-based ventures leading to provision of jobs and income, while bringing on national and international markets value-added healthier fish products currently on high demand.

The project introduces new technologies ( Aquaponics-food based System) in Fish farming and transformation and using Information Communication technologies ( ICT) to design mobile and web applications  for  self-training, online products  sales and marketing, all to make fish farming an easy and rewarding ventures for our beneficiaries, mostly in remotes villages in Ghana.

The rationale behind this project goes in line with our primal goal to CREATE employment for the youth. The business development services envisioned here is to incubate and technically support selected youth-led businesses to launch innovative and self-sustained fish farming ventures capable of creating considerable number of jobs within a short time period. By means of created mobile and web applications, our organization offers continuous monitoring and coaching services by creating a network among them making technology and skills transfer easier, market and produce marketing easier.