Apiculture is long known to be a male dominated farming activity, now going to be introduced to women groups in rural areas to empower them and enable them have extra income generating activities. We introduce modern and more productive bee-hives to make organic honey and by means of ICT, they are helped in market and marketing access to farmers.  Bee keeping is one of the less explored farming activities in Ghana by the youth and we are coming up with series of training in this area with the ultimate aim to make honey products available on local and international markers. Not only does this project empower the livelihood of beneficiaries (trainees), but also create a business for our partners in the value chain.   The project intends to install a continuous learning hub for more beneficiaries as the installed Bee-hives will generate income needed for its sustainability over years while expanding for more intake

Selected women are trained in the design of the Bee hives using local materials. They are trained on how to mount the bee hives, how to harvest honey and process it. In the course of training, beneficiaries are helped to acquire knowledge on new technology used in processing, preserving and conservation of honey product. By means of our ICT experts, we train them how to use our e-training platforms where they have access to a whole range of materials on our mobile application, to continue self-training on various levels of the honey production cycles, on their own.