AYEI Angola is a solid and united organization created to support young entrepreneurs and smallholder farmers to create jobs through agricultural activities, eradicate hunger and participate in development of Angola’s economic growth. The organization seeks to promote agriculture among young people as a source of employment and entrepreneurship in order to improve the livelihoods of the Angolan population in poverty.

The organization’s main leading projects are the establishment of demonstration centers as training hubs for smallholder farmers and centers for the distribution of new improved breeds of livestock, poultry, fish etc. for multiplication. Teaching techniques such as Micro-dozing technique and Increase effective use of fertilizer, Scale up distribution of quality seeds, Agribusiness/entrepreneur consultancy services, Value addition, retail and online marketing services, Supply of improved water, irrigation and other farming solutions, Subscription based farmers’ training and follow-up services, Contracted farmers training, Scale Access to Solar panels & Lamps, promote smart agriculture and Big Data.

Our overall objective is to serve as a catalyst to mobilize, organize and empower young Agri-entrepreneurs and our efforts are to motivate and encourage young people to participate in the agricultural sector, as well as to venture into the business, with the objective of minimizing its financial risks, vulnerability and participating in the creating jobs and wealth for Angola.

Contact Information


Centralidade do Sequele, Bloco 11, Prédio 8,

Apartamento 902, Cacuaco, Luanda, Angola.

Tel: +224 940688623


Country Coordinator