Where: Ghana 

Area of Solutions: Renewable energy and resources, Climate adaptation and resilience, Capacity building 

African Youth Employment Initiatives (AYEI) projects consisted of bringing new technology in fish farming where, instead of going the traditional way in pond constructions, they developed an aquaponics-based food system so fish and vegetables are harvested all year. They constructed mechanized boreholes to provide water to the ponds and irrigate the vegetables around the ponds. This system was adopted by many and AYEI won the best fish farmer award in their district due to this innovative technique.  

African Youth Employment Initiatives were able to train up to 120 people and 60 % of them were women between 18 to 35 years.  

The COVID-19 made movement difficult and the funding processes were discontinued. Another obstacle AYEI faced was that some of the materials they use are imported and this made the project much more costly. 

Photos provided by African Youth Employment Initiatives

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