African Youth Employment Initiatives, AYEI-Burundi, a youth led organization for the youth, founded in 2016 by a group of African Young People from various african countries, and now represented in more than 10 african countries, including Burundi, with Head Quarters in Ghana, is on action.

AYEI-Burundi Coordination, in partnership with « Centre de Production des Semences du Burundi » (CPSB) is implementing a project for youth, entitled : « CASH FOR WORK & ENTREPRENEURSHIP FOR YOUTH HOPE REVIVAL IN BURUNDI». This project aims at mobilizing, organizing and empower 50 young men and women, aged between 15 and 30 years old, from Kayanza commune, in the north of Burundi. Entrepreneurship is the main theme of this project.

Figure 1:D.Mujojoma, AYEI Country Coordinator speaking, the social councelor of Kayanza Administrator in the middle, and Charles Mbonankire, President of CPSB.

With the financial support from SEZ Foundation, a German Foundation from Baden Württemberg, AYEI-Burundi has officially lunched the project last Wednsday 27 May 2020 at the centre of Kayanza Province. Mr Sylvestre Nsaguye, the Social Councelor of Kayanza Administrator, in the quality of Administrator representative, has officially announced the lunch of the project, in front of the 50 young beneficiaries, and the leaders of AYEI-Burundi coordination and the partner. The Administrator Representative has offered numerous advices to the young beneficiaries of this project.

Figure 2: Charles M. an experienced Burundian Farmer, sharing his farming experience with the youth.

After the official lunch of the project, the beneficiaries has benefited from a three day traing on enterpreneurship, mainly in agriculture. The first trainer, Charles Mbonankira, a reputed farmer from Kayanza, has shared his large experience in farming, inviting the youth to love farming activity, on which the whole nation tourns, for he said, you cannot go to the office and work with an empty stomach, whatever you do and whoever you are, you need to eat. Then, Agriculture is the main pilar of life and of the development.

After this introduction course, the beneficiaries have got two days of training on entrerpreneurship and business plan writting, mainly in agriculture. By the end of the training, they have been asked to keep on exercising in business plan writting, with the promise to search for donors to fund the best ones.

Figure 3:Work sessions.

This training session has been closed by the introduction of a new journey in enterpreneuriat. AYEI-Burundi has mandated a Consulting House, KANTAS Consulting, to follow up and keep organizing and training these young people through SILC activities. The beneficiaries have been grouped into two SILC groups.  This Consulting House will stay with the youth during 12 months, the period of the SILC cycle, training them, coaching and mentoring them. It is planed that by the end of July, business plans will have been submitted from the two SILC groups, and evaluated to choose two best of them. The beneficiaries have been asked to work in groups, not individually to maximize their energies.

Figure 4: Kantas Consulting House representative, introducing SILC journey to the beneficiaries

The project plans to give loans to two best farming projects. It was initially planned to offer loans to 10 individuals from the trained young people, but the beneficiaries have themselves proposed to work in groups and propose group business plan, to allow them grow their unity. The loans will be payed back with a minimum interest, and the money payed back will constitute daughter loans for other projects, and so on and so on.

At the end of the training, the young beneficiaries – let’s recall it, they are ranged from sencondary school laureates to university level laureates, each having a business idea or activity dealing with – have highly appreciated the idea from AYEI-Burundi to mobilize, organize and empower the youth and fight against unemployment by creating self-employments and for other young people, and then be of someone important to the nation. They have showed they ken interest and determination to pursue the AYEI-Burundi program, and are determined to produce good results.

The young people are eager to do best works in farming, breeding, informatic deals, commerce, and so on, if supported. AYEI-Burundi is doing whatsoever we can to help them. Any person or any organization has to offer support in all kinds is the most welcome. Let us remind you that more than 60% of young Burundian people are unemployed.



Figure 5:Beneficiaries of the project after the training.

Many thanks to the SEZ Foundation for the financial support !

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