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About us

AYEI was established as a solid and united youth-led organization to support young agri-entrepreneurs to create employment through agricultural…

Our mission

AYEI’s mission is to bring together, organize and engage youth’s skills, talents and ideas in employment creation activities/ventures for sustainable…

Our vision

AYEI’s vision is to emerge as a leading nonprofit making organization creating a solid network of young agric-entrepreneurs to create employment…

AYEI is a youth-led organization found to mobilize, organize and empower the youth of Africa to embark on agricultural activities and promote farming as a form of employment and as revenue generating activities to end poverty among the youth while participating in the fight against hunger. AYEI wishes to revolutionalize the minds of the educated unemployed youth in regards to farming and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit among them to help them lead a self-reliant life and transform lives while changing the image of the African continent. AYEI want to involve the youth in development related activities to support governments’ set goals for inclusive socio-economic development.

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